Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer membership offer still on!

This year’s summer membership offer commenced on 12th May and runs to 30th September 2008. It is open to new and late renewing members and means you will enjoy membership until 30th September 2009 and receive 6 of our excellent Pikelines magazines during this time.

During the last two years the PAC have been involved in a number of issues across the UK at national and regional level. Summarised as follows:

  • When fishery students boasted about taking part in a pike cull on the River Darrent, we exposed them in the media and arranged a meeting with their college, the Environment Agency and the local angling club. Following PAC involvement the Pike will be saved and relocated to a nearby lake.
    Behind the scenes, we are now actively investigating the extent of pike culling on waters up and down the country.

  • The Environment Agency allowed just under 100 culls to take place last year, so we've got our work cut out.

  • We continue to monitor Pike killing on the Warwickshire Avon following the ill informed comments made by two well known match anglers.

  • We have engaged with Festival organisers in Northern Ireland over poor practices employed in Pike matches.

  • When Cambridgeshire's historic lodes were threatened by proposals to lower water levels, we joined parish councillors and other groups campaigning to save them.

  • Our local regions in the North East have successfully negotiated access to RSPB waters at Fairburn Ings.

  • In partnership with angling club officials in the Fens, we have highlighted the problem of fish being removed in numbers for the table and a new Crime-stoppers style hotline has been set up by the Environment Agency to help it target enforcement patrols.

  • As we write, we are preparing a submission to MPs prior to a parliamentary debate on proposals to abandon coastal defences and allow the Upper Thurne and its broads - some of our most historic pike fisheries - to be flooded by the sea.
    We are also investigating the removal of pike from a Wessex river for the catering trade.

All of this takes time and money. But when you look at some of the victories the club has scored on behalf of pike anglers, it's worth every penny.

Please continue to support the work of the PAC. Because we'll be there when your fishing's under threat.

The PAC has won a lot of battles but there are always a lot more to fight.

Your fishing might be next - join and help us protect it.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

PAC Events for 2008/09

The PAC has lined up a number of fishing events for it's members during the forthcoming autumn and winter, with more to be finalised.

The list of events confirmed so far can be found on the events page as usual.

Don't forget Piking 2008 which is being held on Saturday September 27th at
Stoneleigh Park, Coventry.

Piking 2008 is open to all,with special ticket deals for PAC members and members of PAAS, LAS and any SAA affiliated groups (upon production of their respective membership card).

If you aren't already a PAC member you can take advantage of our Summer Membership Offer to become eligible to fish the events and get a reduced ticket price for Piking 2008.