Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great craic at PAC's first Irish event

Around 40 of the PAC's Irish members took part in our first-ever privileged access event in the land of the leprechauns today.

While plenty of pike were caught on the stunning Barronscourt Lough complex, near Armagh, the bigger fish failed to show in near flat calm conditions.

The best reported was a whisker over 10lbs, to David Scobie. Northern Ireland organiser Gordon Nesbitt said: "It was a great day and everybody really enjoyed themselves.

"It was a good craic and that's what it's all about at the end of the day."

Oarfish - an incredible story

It's not pike fishing but this story on a US sea fishing website features some awesome photographs and a Bajan fishing guide's account of watching two giant oarfish from the ocean depths beach themselves on rocks. Read it here.

Don't miss Jason in Lincoln on Monday night

Jason Davis, who thrilled the packed-out PAC Convention with his stunning captures of 30lbs-plus pike, is the guest speaker at Lincoln PAC's meeting on Monday night. It's in the Turk's Head, Newport, from 8pm. More here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Speeders nabbed in Broads crackdown

Eighteen boat owners face prosecution and more than 150 have been givwen written warnings in a crackdown on speeding on the Norfolk Broads.

Adrian Vernon, head navigation ranger with the Broads Authority, said: "We have already handed out 163 written warnings this year compared to 70 last year in a bid to increase safety, reduce bank erosion which silts up the rivers, and increase availability on 24 hour moorings.

"We have full backing from the boating public in this and are taking much firmer action against speeding and other offences than we have in the past. Our Sediment Management Strategy has shown that if we reduce speeding we reduce the amount of sediment deposited in the Broads, which in turn will save costs in dredging."

Stephen Potter of Wortham in Suffolk was fined £300 and ordered to pay £120 costs by Lowestoft magistrates for two offences of speeding on the River Waveney in a Bayliner sports boat.

He admitted speeding at between 15 and 20 mph in a 6mph limit and navigating without care and caution on February 17th. He also admitted speeding at over 10mph on March 10th. The maximum fine for speeding is £1,000.

The Broads Authority is about to launch a new DVD, "Better Boating on the Broads," which is full of advice on how to navigate the Broads safely, sustainably and courteously.

It is part of a new education and enforcement package aimed to promote safety and respect for the fragile eco-system and rare wildlife of the waterways as well as other river users. It will be available to holidaymakers when they book their boats and from Broads Authority information centres and the Broads Authority’s Norwich headquarters.

Navigation rangers who patrol the Broads to keep the waterways safe are handing out leaflets which explain the need for boats to drive within the speed limits to protect water-level nesting birds, other river users and the rivers from silting up.

The leaflet "Slow Down, Don’t make waves" has a map of the Broads showing the location of the different speed limits which vary from 3mph to 6mph. They are being given to hire boatyards, marinas, clubs and helmsmen who are stopped for speeding. The Broads Authority’s visitor magazine "Broadcaster" also carries information on speed limits and excess wash.

If people see other boats speeding excessively or creating a large amount of wash they are asked to make a note of the offending boat and contact River Control on 01692 678459.

PAC30 and an interview with Mick Brown

Mick Brown's blogged his take on the PAC Convention on the Fox website, along with an off-the-cuff interview with freelance journalist Dicky Fisk.

Click here to read it.

Pike attack on angler stuns Currant Bun

An angler needed 12 stitches after a vicious attack by a 2ft pike, The Sun reports today.

"Luke Gorman, 24, was left in agony after the fish gnawed to the bone of his right index finger," it reports.

Mr Gorman lived to tell the tale after the attack, which happened at a lake near his home in Windsor, Berks.

Click here for more.

Membership special offer set to close

If you're not already a member of the PAC, there's just a couple of days left to take advantage of out special summer membership offer and receive five copies of Pikelines instead of four. The closing date is this Sunday, September 30.

For more details, see the main PAC website - click here.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sussex winter meetings program

Region 70 (Sussex) have announced their winter program of meetings and speakers.

Tuesday, October 9: PAC president Phil Wakeford;

Tuesday, November 13: Former record holder and Pikelines editor Neville Fickling;

Tuesday, December 11: Members night for sharing a few stories and pictures;

Tuesday, January 8: John Synnuck;

Tuesday, February 12: Andy Frost;

Tuesday, March 11 - details to follow;

April 8th -AGM/Year ahead

All meetings at at the Kings Head, East Hoathley, from 8pm.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A perfect storm for Robbie on Rutland

Irish eyes were smiling on a gale-lashed Rutland Water today, when Robbie Marsh nailed a new lure caught PB of 23lbs.

He hooked it on the last cast of the day, on a borrowed rod - just minutes after telling boat partner Gary Jane his ambition for the season was to catch a 20 on a lure.

Another fish of 21lbs, a few doubles and jacks and a scattering of zander made up the 25 or so fish caught on a day when most boats blanked on a wind-swept reservoir.

Conditions were such that anglers were forced to fish more sheltered parts of the South Shore and North Arm for most of the day.

More than 40 pairs fished the event, which raised more than £300 for children's cancer charity

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rutland Water - PAC Events update

It looks like the winds are going to die down, meaning Monday's PAC event on Rutland Water will be going ahead.

Nearly 100 anglers will be fishing the Anglian Water trout reservoir in the club's biggest-ever event. It's in aid of the children's cancer charity CLIC.

Members attending should already have details - please refer any queries via the PAC Forums.

PAC Convention was biggest ever

More than 500 predator anglers packed Stoneleigh Park for the Pike Anglers Club's 30th Anniversary bash.

The event was the biggest-ever PAC Convention and broke new records for the club.

Anglers attended from all four corners of the British Isles, with a sizeable attendance from Ireland and visitors from as far afield as Denmark.

Chairman Colin Goodge said: "It went better than we envisaged and we were slightly overwhelmed by the number of people who came.

"We were expecting a good turnout but you never expect that's going to become a reality but we had a fantastic line-up of speakers.

"We just hope we can improve on it and make next year's even better."

Speakers at the event included Jason Davis, who unveiled a string of 35lbs-plus pike captures, along with Mick Brown, John Watson, Eddie Turner and Colin Goodge.

Mega Pike Jason heads for Lincoln

Jason Davis thrilled the PAC's 30th Anniversary Convention when he unveiled a string of 35lbs-plus captures.

Norfolk-based Jason joined up with Eddie Turner to bring out a sequel to the legendary book Mega Pike, which was also unveiled at the Convention.

You can catch up with him in Lincoln next week, when he puts on a talk for the PAC's Region 48.

It's being held at the Turk's Head in Newport, Lincoln, from 8pm on Monday, October 1.

RO Chico Winterton said: "Big fish from all over the place plus his amazing captures from the last few seasons featured in Mega Pike the Return - stunning fish however you look at it.

"It will be a great talk in a more intimate venue than Stoneleigh, your chance to listen, learn and ask your questions."

Jason will have copies of Mega Pike - The Return with him on the night. If you ask him nicely, he might even sign one.

For more details on this and other events in pointy-head land, go to the Lincoln PAC Blog - click here to visit.

Reading Region - first meeting for 2007/08

Reading PAC Region 14 is holding its first meeting of the new season on 15th October 2007 at the Kings Tavern (basement function room), Kings Road, Reading.

The meeting will start at 8pm and the PAC General Secretary Mark Barrett will be giving a very interesting talk about his fishing.

Non-members are welcome at this meeting. A small charge will be made to cover the cost of the function room.

Please contact Lyndon Barrett on 07880783976 for further details.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

All roads lead to Stoneleigh

You'd have to be on another planet not to know what's happening this weekend.

Estimates very, but the word on the street is Piking 2007 is going to be the biggest-ever PAC Convention.

Pikers from all over the British Isles and further afield will be forsaking work and loved ones to celebrate the Pike Anglers Club's 30th Anniversary.

Who could blame them with an unrivalled line-up of speakers, not to mention a massive tackle fair to enjoy.

Some will be hoping to come away with a ticket to fish the legendary Lake of Menteith. Those who took part in the recent membership promotion will have their fingers crossed they'll be going home the owner of a brand new boat.

Piking 2007 is being held at Stoneleigh Park on Saturday. Tickets (£12.50) will be available on the door from 9.30am and parking is free.

Click here for more information and directions to the venue.

South Lancs PAC stages beginners' teach-in

Predator anglers of all ages are being invited to a teach-in being organised by members of the Pike Anglers Club's South Lancashire Region.
It's being run from 10am - 2pm on Sunday, September 30, on Carr Mill Dam, St. Helens. Anglers will be meeting up at the Waterside pub.
Bring along a strong rod (a carp rod will do) and a reel loaded with line of at least 15lbs breaking strain.
Under 16s must have a parent in attendance. The event will be run by PAC Regional Organiser Jon Neafcy who is a qualified angling coach.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rutland Water Event - an update

Monday's PAC event on Rutland Water will be the club's biggest ever event, events organiser Mark Skinner said tonight.

Nearly 100 members will be fishing the Anglian Water trout reservoir in a day which will raise money for our adopted good cause, the children's cancer charity CLIC.

They'll have the chance to win a day's fishing donated by our hosts - as well as one or two other prizes in a special raffle.

That's on top of whatever we catch on a beautiful water which offers a perfect venue to unwind for those who are attending the PAC's 30th Birthday bash at Stoneleigh over the weekend.

Mark said: "It's the biggest event we've ever staged and just about every boat is booked.

"Members will be meeting in the car park from 7am and once all our members are booked in we hope to get all the boats out by 9am."

Breakfast will be served from 7.30am. Members should head for the lodge in Normanton Road, Edith Weston, Rutland LE15 8HD.

Mark said those unable to attend the Convention would also be able to obtain a copy of PAC30 - the acclaimed book published to celebrate 30 years of the club - at the event.

"Mark Barrett will be fishing the event and has said that if any members attending would like to buy a copy to contact him he will bring some along on the day, you can contact Mark on his email address, ."

Rutland is just one of a calender of events stretching across the winter, with several new waters being opened up to PAC members.

We are close to clinching access to another trout water, details will be made available via Pikelines.

Limited places on some events will be available at Saturday's Convention, where the draw for places on the Lake of Menteith will also be made.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Derek Gibson interviewed on FM

Yorkshire pike angler Derek Gibson gives a very interesting interview on FISHINGmagic. Click here to read it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Piking 2007 - important time change

We've had to bring admission times forward in the light of massive interest in the event and
the numbers likely to attend.

Doors open at 9am for advance ticket holders. Tickets will now go on sale on the door from 9.30am.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brussels drops bid to ban the pound

We can go on hoping a twenty or even a 30lbs pike will be the next thing that picks our bait up - as opposed to a 9.072 or even a 13.608kg specimen on the end.

And when you do catch one, you can go celebrate with a pint down your local - not 0.568litres.

Plans to make Britain ditch pounds, pints and miles were finally abandoned today by the European Commission. The right of Britaons to use imperial measures will be enshrined in EU Law.

Anglers up and down the land can rest assured they won't have to learn a whole new currency when it comes to their catches. For let's face it, a 13.608 doesn't have quite the same ring to it as a thirty.

Monday, September 10, 2007

PIKING 2007 - last call for advance tickets

It's last orders for advance tickets for Piking 2007 - the Pike Anglers Club's 30th anniversary bash at Stoneleigh, Warks, on Saturday, September 22.

You can get into the event before the crowds so there's more time to shop and browse the stalls and save a couple of quid on admission price at the same time.

Advance tickets are £10 each, cheques payable to PACGB to Mike Kelly, at 47 Yew Tree Road
Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 0BG.

Please enclose a first-class SAE and make sure applications arrive by Saturday, September 15 to allow us to process them and ensure your tickets arrive in time.

Thames anglers urged to disinfect nets

Anglers fishing the tidal Thames are being urged to disinfect nets before fishing other waters after a number of carp were found dead between Molesey and Tower Bridge.

The warning comes after the Specialist Anglers Alliance (SAA) appealed for information after reports of carp deaths from across the country. Farm run-off is being blamed in some quarters.

Click here for Environment Agency press statement.

The SAA said:

"ECHO has been getting a lot of reports of deaths of large carp at fisheries across the country. Some of these are due to KHV, which is being monitored now. Some are due to fish still holding spawn they did not shed during the spring and summer. Most are unexplained.

"A single common thread through many of the waters affected is the colour of the water, a tea colour, just like peat water running off the moors.

"This colour may be caused by a diatom, or an algal bloom, or by the stirring of the bottom strata during the recent floods, but not all the waters reporting kills have been flooded.

"The pattern of deaths on many waters follows the pattern one would associate with a viral infection, although in most reports the fish are showing no signs of disease, parasite loading or any damage to gills.

"SAA and ECHO are very concerned about this situation but much of what we are being told is hear say.

"We need to build a database of events and circumstances to even be able to project the size of the problem and to develop ideas of what may be the cause.

"We need the nation’s anglers to report facts, seen with their own eyes.

"If you have any information regarding carp deaths in your waters please email, heading it Carp Deaths, with the following information; name of water, location, number of deaths, size and species of fish affected, colour of water, if the water was subject to flooding in the recent summer rains, the timescale over which the deaths occurred, what action the Environment Agency has taken to determine the cause, any explanation they might have given.

"It may be that we can do nothing to prevent further deaths, but this information may allow those of us who are working on the problem to gain a better understanding of the cause and give our scientists some directions in which to conduct further research. Thanks in advance for any help you can give."

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Restored pond re-opens for fishing

POND REOPENS: from left to right; Neville Fickling, Mark Howard, Ryan Hills, Janice Minns and Bob Croucher.

A derelict pond has re-opened as a community fishing lake after a 14-year-old scout won an £8,000 grant to restore it.

But as the first floats went under on Scouts Pond, just off King's Lynn town centre, the driving force behind the project admitted he hasn't had time to give fishing a try yet.

Scouts and people from the South Lynn community set to work last autumn after Ryan Hills was awarded a grant to restore the water by the Norfolk Youth Fund.

Surveying their handiwork at an open day on Saturday, Ryan said: "It's brilliant - I'm well-chuffed.

We've cleared the pond out, it was full of old rubbish and there were literally mounds of it everywhere, where people had just come in with their bins and tipped them up.

We've replanted some trees, put in benches and picnic tables and fenced it all off. We're going to tarmac the path, put in some fishing platforms and hopefully CCTV.”

Ryan, from North Wootton, said he hadn't got round to trying fishing yet. But he added: “I'm hoping to give it a go.”

Mark Howard, from the newly-formed East Lynn Angling Coaches, was on hand to give youngsters a few tips on pole fishing.

We've had a few kids down and they've all had a fish each, mostly little roach,” he said. “I've just done a PAA coaching course and we're going to be setting up in Lynn, we can do individual coaching and we're looking at getting into schools to get people interested in going fishing.”

South Lynn also boasts a new fishing club. PAC member Bob Croucher, secretary of the South Lynn Angling Club, said: “At the moment we've got around 20 members, the club is really to encourage kids to get involved in angling so we intend to have several aspects including sea angling.”

Declaring Scouts Pond open, former pike record holder Neville Fickling said he became hooked on fishing after catching a small roach in a stream near his childhood home in King's Lynn.

He added: "You've obviously gone to great effort, I hope you enjoy the fishing and it goes from strength to strength, it can only do your community good."

Janice Minns, group leader of the Seventh King's Lynn Scouts, said: "This has been a joint effort by a lot of people in this community.

"Barhale did loads to help us, the Norfolk Youth Fund approved a grant, we've had loads of help from the council and the clean-up team - I can't believe how everyone's pulled together."

Club enjoys record week for new members

Forty new members have joined the PAC this week, membership secretary John Cahill said today.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Win a Boat promotion set to close

It's last orders for the Win a Boat promotion, with Saturday's closing date looming fast.

So get 'em in the post if you haven't already - or you'll miss the boat, literally.

One lucky PAC member is going to win a brand new Sea Nymph in the draw at the Convention on September 22.

Thanks to everyone who's recruited a member to our ranks. And don't worry if you can't make the Convention, if you're entered in the draw you don't have to be there to claim your prize. The winner will be posted on this blog live from the event - why not subscribe to make sure you don't miss the announcement.

We won't destroy the Lodes, trust pledges

National Trust officials have hit back at claims plans to extend a nature reserve in the Fens could threaten historic waterways.

But the option of lowering the Cambridgeshire Lodes is still one of a number of options being considered by the Environment Agency, which manages the waters.

Public consultation over the plans is expected later this year.

More here and here.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

PAC30 on sale at Cambridge meeting

Copies of PAC30 - the limited edition book commemorating 30 years of the Pike Anglers Club - will be on sale at Cambridge PAC's meeting at Bottisham British Legion on Wednesday night (September 5).

Those who reserved advance copies of the book will be receiving them shortly.

Farm run-off blamed for carp deaths

Nitrates caused by farm run-off is being blamed for an increase in carp deaths at fisheries up and down the country, the SAA revealed today. Anglers are being asked to report any problems they have encountered.

More here.

Irish anglers urged to watch for netters

Region 43 over in Northern Ireland is urging all anglers to be vigilant after illegal nets were found on the Erne and Bann systems. More here.

Lamprey on the increase, says EA

Lamprey are returning to ouir rivers in increasing numbers, the Environment Agency said today.

Scientists have witnessed a massive resurgence in the sea lamprey population in the River Tamar on the Devon/Cornwall border and have recorded five times more fish than the seasonal average.

They picked up the increase in lamprey numbers while recording migrating salmon at Gunnislake, Cornwall, as they swim upstream.

The EA welcomed the resurgence as it indicates a healthy river environment and said the metre-long sea lamprey is a primitive marine species that comes into rivers to spawn.

The eel-like fish has a jawless mouth and is boneless with a skeleton made of flexible cartilage.

Lamprey are thought to be more sensitive to pollution than salmon so their presence on any river system is to be encouraged.

For centuries the fish was considered a delicacy in Europe and King Henry I is said to have died from eating too many.

In Finland, hot-grilled lamprey it still a favourite dish. But pike anglers are the only people who put the eel like fish to use.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Will Lucky Lyn pull out your number..?

Move over Mystic Meg... For a special guest is goin to be helping out with the draw for places on the Pike Anglers Club's privleged access events on the Lake of Menteith.

The papers called Lyn Baker the Lady of the Lake when she landed a 39lbs 8oz pike at a PAC event on Menteith this March. The fish is believed to be the largest pike ever landed a by a female angler and Lyn became a bit of a media celebrity with everyone from the Sun and Daily Mirror to BBC News featuring the story of its capture.

Tonight special events organiser Mark Skinner said Lyn would be drawing out the winning tickets for places on Menteith this season.

More than 70 pairs are in the draw for 30-odd boats in November, while 50 pairs have applied for March.

Places to fish will be drawn at the PAC Convention at Stoneleigh on Saturday, September 22.

Mark said a few places for first-come, first-served events were still available as information packs are sent out to those who have applied. Watch out for the postman.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Deadline looms for win a boat draw

All good things must come to an end - not least the chance to win a brand new boat in a membership promotion run by the Pike Anglers Club.

Next Saturday - September 8 - is the closing date for anyone referring a new member to be entered in the draw to win a brand-new Sea Nymph.

Anyone who's ever fished from one of these robust aluminium craft will tell you they're a real workhorse, an ideal platform for one or two anglers whether bait or lure fishing.

And all you need to do to win one is introduce a new member to PAC. Terms and conditions apply, the main one being make sure you download one of the special membership forms and include your details alongside the person you've signed up, so we know who to enter in the draw.

The lucky winner will be drawn at Piking 2007 - the PAC's 30th Anniversary Convention at Stoneleigh, Warks, on Saturday, September 22.

Join someone up before next Saturday and you never know. It could be you.

Click here to download a printable membership form and for more information on this promotion.

Change of speaker for Cambridge meeting

Rob Christen's talk which was scheduled for Wednesday's Cambridge PAC meeting has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances.

The meeting will still be going ahead at Bottisham British Legion with a theme of “favourite five photos”. A number of stalwarts from the Cambridge region will be presenting their top five images, and yes before you ask they have to be on a fishing theme!

The meeting is open to all and if you wish to bring along your favourite five photos on slides, memory stick or cd you are welcome to join in the fun, the more the merrier.

Meeting starts at 8.00 pm at Bottisham British Legion