Monday, October 13, 2008

PAC Message Board Members

If you are a PAC Message Board user please ensure that your PAC membership is up to date as we will be removing non-paid up users from the 20th October.

Standing Order Scheme Members

Further to our announcement in the Autumn Pikelines advising that the standing order scheme had been cancelled we continue to receive a number of standing order payments.
These will be processed this week where we can identify the payment. If you have paid and do not recieve advice from the membership secretary please send an email to stating the amount sent and date it left your bank.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Membership numbers reach a new peak

Following the successful convention and a busy week at Membership Towers the club are only 6 days after the year end already seeing numbers surge.

John Cahill and Pete Green both report that the level of renewals are unprecedented and the fact that 45 new members have joined the club in the last 7 days is very encouraging.

Membership processing will be upstraight today, so any late renewal members or new applicants should receive a quick turnaround.

Within 14 days our forum will be reviewed and any members yet to renew will be deleted - so if you have forgotten please be quick and get an application in.