Monday, October 26, 2009

EA Consultation results

The Environment Agency (EA) have published their consultation findings and their proposals for new national byelaws regarding the taking of fish by rod and line.

During the summer of 2009, the EA consulted with various organisations and the wider public via a questionnaire about the future of taking coarse fish by rod and line. The results of this consultation have been published online.

The EA have also published their proposed byelaws following this consultation.

The main sections within this document that affect pike anglers are:


"We propose a byelaw that prohibits the removal of coarse fish from stillwaters, except with written permission of the fishery owner/occupier. "

This effectively sets a zero limit on the taking of all coarse fish from stillwaters without permission.

"Allows a limited number of small (maximum size limit) fish for bait, possibly of listed species;"

This effectively allows livebaiting to continue.

"allows a limited number of pike up to a maximum size; "

The size limit would be put in place to protect large pike and the important fisheries these support.

There is further discussion taking place with the Angling Trust amongst others, so this is not necessary the final byelaw. The final words, including sizes and limits will be available in December this year. We will keep you informed as soon as we know more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A hard act to follow, that’s how this committee always described Chris Bishop as Press Officer. Chris was single handedly responsible for making the role his own and developing it from scratch, utilising both his journalistic experience and seemingly endless list of contacts. What a tremendous job he did too.

From publicising the conference to exposing such things as the plans for the Cambridgeshire Lodes. He dealt with them in all with equal thoroughness and tenacity. I’m not sure I’d have wanted to be a wrongdoer with Chris on my case! All good things come to an end however and, as with any committee role, at the end of the three and a half year term he opted to step down and handover the reins. I have expressed my thanks for a job well done in private but, on behalf of the committee, I do so again here in public.

Cometh the hour cometh the man as the saying goes, and that’s certainly what happened in our case with the arrival of one Andrew Stagg on the scene who very generously offered to fill the void and take on the role of Press Officer. For those of you not familiar with Andrew then a little background may help.

Based in Bristol Andrew currently runs a photography business as well as owning half of a PR company, although he comes from a background in sales and marketing in both the UK Australia and Russia. As well as fishing Andrew is a passionate wildlife enthusiast and is fortunate that the area he currently resides in affords the opportunity to combine both.

Andrew tells me he is looking forward to getting his teeth into not just strengthening the voice of the PAC in our crowded media but also promoting the aims, aspirations and above all enjoyment that we gain from the sport.

The committee are delighted to welcome Andrew on board and are confident that we have succeeded beyond our wildest hopes in finding the right man for the job, please join us in welcoming him to the post.

Graham Slater
General Secretary

Thursday, October 15, 2009

18th International Pike Championships

The 18th International Pike Championship’s between Great Britain and Ireland took place recently on the fish rich waters of the Somerset Levels.

The two day event saw Ireland come out as victors after a superior effort on day 1 left the British some 70 lbs behind. A great deal of effort on the Sunday saw the British start to strongly pull back on the Irish lead, but after the initial first few hours of hectic action, the bites dried up and Ireland hung on for the victory with a winning margin of 44 lbs 11 ozs.

A total of 191 pike with an average weight of just over 4 ½ lbs were caught during this two day 1-rod roving event, with the largest pike of 13 lbs 07 ozs falling to the rod of Mike Skipper (PAC Webmaster and British Team Manager). Two Bream of between 5 & 6 lbs in weight were also caught, one on wobbled smelt and the other taking a Mepps Ondex spinner.

Next years International will take place in October 2010, possibly on the Rivers Suck and Shannon around the Ballinasloe area. Anyone interested in taking part in the next British Pike Selection Final, then please contact the Team Manager Mike Skipper on 07525 828296 or via email at

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Exclusive new leatherbound PAC30

For a limited period, the PAC are pleased to announce that a small run of leather bound copies of PAC 30 will shortly be made available. On a strictly first come first served basis these books will be available at just £190.00 Email to reserve your copy.