Monday, September 03, 2007

Will Lucky Lyn pull out your number..?

Move over Mystic Meg... For a special guest is goin to be helping out with the draw for places on the Pike Anglers Club's privleged access events on the Lake of Menteith.

The papers called Lyn Baker the Lady of the Lake when she landed a 39lbs 8oz pike at a PAC event on Menteith this March. The fish is believed to be the largest pike ever landed a by a female angler and Lyn became a bit of a media celebrity with everyone from the Sun and Daily Mirror to BBC News featuring the story of its capture.

Tonight special events organiser Mark Skinner said Lyn would be drawing out the winning tickets for places on Menteith this season.

More than 70 pairs are in the draw for 30-odd boats in November, while 50 pairs have applied for March.

Places to fish will be drawn at the PAC Convention at Stoneleigh on Saturday, September 22.

Mark said a few places for first-come, first-served events were still available as information packs are sent out to those who have applied. Watch out for the postman.