Friday, December 14, 2007

Membership exceeds 2000

Membership has eleven weeks after the traditional year end already exceeded 2000.
PAC Membership Secretary John Cahill said ' renewals and new memberships have exceeded all expectations in recent weeks, we are well ahead on numbers from the same time last year'
We have over the last 6 weeks seen new memberships exceed 20 per week with last week reaching over 30. A number of memberships have been bought as Christmas presents and 'Membership Towers' is presently up straight so the membership 'pack' should be there for Christmas morning.
Following the sterling efforts of Pete Green all members who have yet to renew have received a reminder this week. We anticipate a busy postbag over the next few weeks and will endeavour to turn round applications as soon as possible.
The signs for 2008 are very good and last years high of 2500 members is expected to be beaten. With the help of all members, Regional Officers and Liaison Officers the prospect of taking the club to a new level of 3000+ members is possible.