Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chew Valley - a retrospective

Venue regulars Pete Climo and Bob Jones look back over some of the incredible sport enjoyed by pike anglers on Chew Valley Reservoir, in an article in Bristol Water's latest fishery magazine.

In 2001, the company allowed pikers to fish the reservoir on a limited number of dates for the first time. After an explosive start with fish to 38lbs boated, the lake has continued to throw up some outstanding captures each season.

"Credit must be given to Bob Handford and his team for skilful management of this valuable resource," the article says. "The pike population breeds and sustains itself naturally and would be too easy to over-exploit.

"Thankfully for both the angler and the viability of the fishery, Bob and his team have got the mix just about right."

The article askes whether Chew will produce a 40lbs-plus fish - something it has come close to doing but not yet managed - in 2008.

"Some of us believe it is possible," it goes on. "Who can tell..? It comes so close every year, perhaps 2008 is the one.

"beyond doubt though, Chew claims its rightful place among Britain's premier pike fisheries year on year."

For more information on dates, rules and prices, click here.