Friday, March 06, 2009

Wissey fish thieves face legal challenge

LEGAL BID: Tench on a home-made stringer

Court injunctions look set to be served in a bid to step up the campaign against fish thieves, sources have told the Pike Anglers Club.

Two migrant workers caught netting fish and barbecuing them on the banks of Norfolk's River Wissey were prosecuted last September, after an outcry over fish being taken from Fenland drains and rivers.

Tonight sources have told the club that efforts to pursue a private prosection have been abandoned, but legal injunctions are now being sought to ban various parties from fishing the river.

King's Lynn Angling Association officials and PAC members have highlighted the extent of fish being removed for food, from rivers like the Wissey.

There were hopes a private prosecution would follow. But one source tonight said: "We haven't been able to prove a loss but we have been able to put an injunction on them."