Monday, August 14, 2006

Get blogging, PAC regions urged

PAC webmaster Dave Lumb has been working on a way for regions to promote their meetings and keep people in touch with what's going on.

"The intenet's become an important way of communicating as more and more people get online," he said.

"But not everyone has the know-how to build and run a website for their region. But there's now an easy way for anyone who wants a place in cyberspace to publicise meetings and events and keep people informed - it's called a blog."

Blogs require little more than basic word processing skills to set up and manage. And the PAC is now offering to help regional organisers set their own up.

If you take a look at Chico Winterton’s Lincoln blog you can see what is possible.

Chico said: "The blogspot is a great tool for keeping everyone informed of local info and can be linked directly to PAC matters as ours is, I hope more regions take it up, much easier than a webpage."

Any RO wanting to start a blog of their own should first go to and follow the simple instructions there.

Dave said: "They will have to use one of the Blogspot templates to start off with, or to give an individual look to their blog, but if they would like to use the PAC house style (like Lincoln have) once their blog is set up and integrate into the PAC on-line pressence they can contact me at and I will send them a template to copy and paste.

"I will also be on hand to offer advice if anyone is struggling with setting up or running the blog in anyway.

"If that still seems too daunting ROs can always send details of their events to me and I will put them on line for them on the PAC website."