Sunday, September 24, 2006

Piking 2006 was a stunning success

Strength and unity was the rallying call, as predator anglers gathered in Leeds for the PAC's annual convention.

And the mood was upbeat and positive, as Piking 2006 got under way in the Royal Armouries Museum.

Four stunning speakers and a mouth-watering array of tackle and trade stands were waiting inside.

It was standing room only as Pete Climo, Scott Davidson, Ian Forde and Bill Palmer all did us proud on the talks front.

PAC president Phil Wakeford brought us back down to earth with a talk which set out some of the challenges which lie ahead and the way in which the new committee intends to tackle them.

Peterborough-based Rob Christen received Pike Angler of the Year Award, not only for his incredible Fenland captures but his work in promoting the club through the excellent series of articles he has written for Pikelines and his sterling work doing talks for regions.

Andy "Kosh" Kershaw was crowned RO of the year for the tireless part he has played in setting up RA88 Royston Vasey, aka Glossop, Derbys and turning it into one of the club's most vibrant regions.

Thanks to the many who pitched in to help on the day, Chico on the door with Bish and John; Graham Stead, Jon Cook and the lads from Sussex who ran the second-hand stall; and Pete Green who helped John Cahill avoid blowing a gasket on the membership stand.

The traders who put on such a fantastic show of tackle stalls and Claire and the other staff at the Armouries also deserve a mention for their tireless attention to ensuring the event went more or less to plan.

Above all thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the day from as far afield as the Westcountry, the depths of Norfolk, Ayrshire, Sussex and even Denmark - especially the many who joined the PAC for the first time or renewed their membership.

Next year's convention will be even bigger. The event coincides with the PAC's 30th anniversary and the ideas are already flowing over how the club should mark this milestone.

We hope we'll see you there.