Saturday, January 27, 2007

Check out this Baltic lump

Check out this beautifully-marked mega-lump from The Baltic.

Dave Lumb found it online, but unfortunately Google Translator hasn't quite hit the mark when it comes to translating much information about the capture.

"08. January 2007: The season starts 2007 with 40-Pfünder!!!

"To 4.1.07 I could at the Peenestrom as well as my fishing rod partner and Guide Christian Maier of the team Bodden fishing rods my Traumhecht catch. 135 cm and 20,1kg are the mass of this exception fish.

Dentures has it in 2m depth of water on one the Grossfischspots to the Peene.

Seal was again times the XXL Tail, also “worm 2” mentioned. I would like to thank you all friends, customers and partners for the sincere congratulations! My special thanks however apply for Christian Maier! It lasted up to the sieved season, until this fish came. Chrischi, hold the Zopf in honours!!!

Everything an exciting season 2007!