Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thames Gateway kicks off with Bill

Bill Palmer is the speaker when the new Thames Gateway Region holds its first meeting on Tuesday, February 6.

Venue is the Papermakers Arms in Hawley Road, Dartford, and the evening gets under way at 7.30pm.

Steve Gould, who's organised the meeting with PAC treasurer John Synnuck, said: "The man who's caught more big pike in one season than most of us mere mortals will see in a lifetime, is to regale us with tales of fishing exploits past, and battles with leviathans of the esoxy kind.

"I saw Bill's talk at the conference and it was inspiring, to say the least. All members and non-members alike are more than welcome, there will also be sarnies laid on and of course as much ale as you want to buy!"

Admission is £2.50 for PAC members, £3.50 non-members.