Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Darren's new PB just says it all

Among all the PBs that fell last weekend, as PAC members made their twice-yearly pilgrimmage to Menteith, there's one that stands out above all the rest.

It was an 18lbs 8oz pike caught by Darren Bragg, who took to the water on board the fishery's disabled boat, with his mate Ross Greaves.

Wheelchair-bound Darren thought his fishing days were over back in 1994, when he broke his neck in an accident at work that left him almost paralised.

He even gave his fishing tackle away, not thinking he'd ever use it again. But as he came to terms with things, he got a whip and caught some roach on his local ponds.

He was back into barbel fishing by the time he bumped into Ross four years ago. Since then, he's upped his barbel PB to 13lbs 4oz.

Darren lives in Doncaster. Ross comes from Newcastle. But they became good fishing mates and started knocking about and catching a few fish on their travels, like you do.

They booked Menteith's specially-adapted disabled boat on last Saturday's PAC event, and it wasn't long before Darren was away.

"I've been stuck on seventeen and a half for a few years and I didn't think I was going to beat that," he said.

"This one was ripping line off my reel, I've always had trouble on boats before with the anchor ropes because I can't just pass the rod round them."

Landed and sorted, that eighteen pounder speaks volumes about what PAC events are all about.

"I met Ross four years ago and he's helped me a lot," said Darren. "I live in Doncaster but he still comes all the way down from Newcastle to fish with me."

PAC events organiser Mark Skinner said: "We're thrilled to bits for Darren on his new PB and so pleased members have been able to make use of the disabled boat.

"We're also proud of Ross - what a truly great fishing mate."