Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scottish event was no passing Fad

Anything could happen on here in February. It really has incredible potential, it could do something really special.

That was the view from Scottish LO Scott Davidson after the PAC's first event on Loch Fad.

Thirty-nine pike, with the best a 23lbs 8oz fish to David Towle, were caught during a two day bash on the Isle of Bute. Scott and Jeff Adams - who made the long trip up from Oxford - also boated twenties.

"We did OK with the weather changing all the time," said Scott. "There were 39 pike caught but you can't grumble when one in 15 is a twenty."

David Towle went home a bottle of scotch to the better and was also awarded a free day's fishing by the management for the biggest fish.

Other visitors collected bottles of champagne, while the home made pea and ham soup which was dished out at the end of the day went down a storm.

"I had about four mugs of it," said Scott. "What was good was everyone really enjoyed the day and the management really enjoyed having us on there."

It's no secret Fad's done fish to 42lbs in recent seasons. PAC members have another chance at it on Saturday, February 2 and Sunday, February 3. See Pikelines for details.