Saturday, February 09, 2008

Target 3000 - Pikelines 19 preview

Target 3000, it says on the cover of the latest Pikelines. That's because we're within reach of our target of increasing membership of the PAC to 3000 by the end of the current committee's term in office.

Membership secretary John Cahill is appealing to all members to encourage friends to join the club or renew.

Elsewhere the magazine includes a fascinating interview with underwater cameraman Dean Burman, whose acclaimed film of pike was recently screened by the BBC.

Mick Hastings and other members asked Dean some searching questions about his observations on pike behaviour. Some of the answers might well surprise you.

Mike Green reports on an incredible day's fishing shared with Bob Church in which the pair landed 90 pike on lures and flies.

John Cahill reports on a successful trip stateside, where the muskie were playing ball despite less than favourable weather.

There's also more on a new initiative to combat the large scale removal of fish for the table from our waters, while we turn the spotlight on Dave Morris and Pete Austin - two stalwart members from different ends of the UK.

There are full reports on PAC events, along with all the usual news and views and an expanded gallery section.

Keep your eyes out for the postman.

Pikelines is sent free to PAC members four times a year. For more information on the club or to join online, click here.