Thursday, July 24, 2008

North-West Teach in Region 31 South Lancashire

Region 31 South Lancashire will be holding a teach-in for new and inexperienced pikers again this year. The venue will be Carmill Dam (thanks to St. Helens AA) and the date will be Sunday 21st September 10:00-14:00

Regional Organiser Jon Neafcy, who is a qualified Angling Coach, said:

"Last year Region 31 ran an angling coaching session aimed at showing youngsters and newcomers to the sport some of the basic methods to catch and pike welfare. This year we aim to built on this and make the event more interactive. Last years event was very well attended and everyone enjoyed it. We hope that we can repeat this success this year"

Any PAC members who would be so kind as to offer their assistance or wish to donate tackle items to help with this event please contact Regional Organiser Jon Neafcy directly at