Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pikelines features Eric on rivers

Rods pointing skywards and a float you can steer across the current... Welcome to Eric Edwards's ground-breaking approach to fishing rivers using a planer you can knock up from the odds and ends most pikers have rattling around in their rucksacks and tackle boxes.
All is revealed in Pikelines, the quarterly magazine of the Pike Anglers Club. Members will be receiving the autumn issue in just over a week's time.
As well as Eric's off-beat take on running water, it includes up to date details of this year's PAC Convention, application forms for club events on waters including Menteith and Rutland, plus all the usual news and views including the inside story of how a campaign to safeguard the Norfolk Broads, kick started by the PAC, led to a ministerial pledge to protect some of Britain's most historic pike fisheries.