Monday, November 17, 2008

Membership ducks the credit crunch

Membership of the Pike Anglers Club remains on an upward curve - despite the credit crunch.

Times is hard out there but with renewals flooding in and up to 20 or more new members a week, the PAC seems to be weathering the downturn.

Membership secretary John Cahill said members were staying loyal to the club.

"This year has seen losses at a lower level than for the last three years," he said in a report to the club's committee, as it prepares to hand over the reins next May.

"This is very encouraging as we look to maximise members for the incoming committee."

There's plenty going on behind the scenes as the club looks ahead to maintain the momentum built up over the current committee's term.

As ever, we thank everyone who supports our work to conserve the pike and pike fishing.