Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pikelines is on its way

Pikelines is on its way to PAC members and as usual it's packed with news and views from all four corners of the UK and beyond.

Pike Angler of the Year Graham Slater lets us in on some of the secrets of the mobile approach he adopts fishing the Lincolnshire drains.

Darren Ward povides a salutary lesson on safety afloat, with an account of the terrifying day his boat sank.

Mick Gleeson waxes lyrical about his love of river piking, while PAC stalwart Eric Edwards gives a revealing interview to PAC President Phil Wakeford.

There's a full report on the landmark court case, when two men were prosecuted for killing and eating fish on Norfolk's River Wissey.

Last but not least, there's a picture of what's claimed to be a world record pike weighing 82lbs. Is it for real..? We'll let you decide.