Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Beware pike in village ponds

Is the message finally getting through when it comes to some of those shock, horror stories which sometimes make the pages of the mainstream media involving those voracious old pike..?

You might be forgiven for thinking so, if you've ever taken the time to pore over the Daily Telegraph Stylebook.

Required reading for all hacks on the quality daily, the copious online guide to the Queen's English includes the following sage advice when it comes to questioning the facts:

"Aim for common sense and question apparent nonsenses, such as pike in village ponds that swallow small dogs.

"Use your own yardstick as to what is feasible but do check. Good journalism at all levels is largely about the development of judgment."

While the small dogs of Home Counties suburbia sleep safer in their beds, pike anglers fishing village ponds can clearly rest assured that more conventional baits offer the best chance of nailing their quarry.