Friday, December 19, 2008

Pike and Predators - new issue out

January's Pike and Predators has hit the news stands. And we've been sent a sneak preview.

Simon Everett explores a new way of getting afloat for pike

Phil Blakey tackles the thorny issue of the best conditions for catching pike with lures

Mike Kelly explains some of the tactics he uses to place the odds more firmly in his favour

Neville Fickling reports on the latest happenings on the trout-water pike scene and tries to put the problems with Irish piking into perspective

George Higgins is interviewed about his long and successful pike fishing career

James Holgate suggests you throw away the rule book when it comes to catching pike on lures in the colder months

Graham Booth delves into the history books to ask why pike have exerted such a fascination on so many anglers

Plus, we ask whether your life jacket would really save your life?