Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chew Valley Lake - pike research

The PAC were made aware of the research that Bristol Water are carrying out by the use of catch and release means with regards to the diet of the pike, trout and other fish prior to the Angling Times’ limited expose of the facts.

The research will be carried out over three years and the PAC have been assured by Bristol Water staff that any decision as to the fishery’s future will be made after the scientific data and options available have been carefully analysed.

The PAC will be in further contact with fishery management to see if we can provide any information which could help.Trout fishing returns have apparently been poor this year from others of the major low land reservoirs.

Whether this is as a result of a downturn in angler numbers due to a lack of finances, the last summer’s weather conditions or other factors, remains to be seen.

The Club welcomes the fact that Bristol Water have not had a 'knee jerk' reaction to the figures and that they value the pike in their waters. The PAC looks forward to seeing the results of this long term study as it can only help to get a better understanding of our misunderstood quarry.