Tuesday, October 17, 2006

British Record pike pic - world exclusive

Hold your horses, no-one's beaten the record... But when Roy Lewis, whose 46lbs 13oz Llandegfedd brute has held the record for 14 years got in touch from New Zealand, we realised you can't see a picture of it anywhere online.

Roy caught the fish from the South Wales reservoir on a Creek Chub Pikie lure, in October 1992.

The question of whether it will ever be beaten - either at Llandegfedd or elsewhere - remains one of those topics which crop up wherever pikers gather and the beer's flowing.

The PAC has arranged 10 boats on 'Deggy on Saturday, so who knows.

In the meantime, the picture of the record pike has now been added to the PAC website, which is the only place it can be seen online. Check it out on the Pike Records page of the PAC website.

Roy can't pike fish at the moment, because there aren't any in New Zealand.

In an e-mail to the PAC, he wrote: "I was just looking at your excellent PAC website and though you might like a photo of my record pike, as none seem to exist in public domain. I currently reside in New Zealand were there are no pike whatsoever!

"Although Lake Rotorua is full of fat trout and a few other waters just scream of wanting old esox lurking in their murky depths.

"I was once a senior member of the PAC and used to hold fish-ins etc with our Kestrel Specimen Group in the 1980's

"All great fun and I really miss my pike fishing living over here, hope to return to fish my old haunts on the Hant's Avon one day, wobbling a dead bait in a slack."

Thanks to Angling Times, which owns the copyright, for allowing us to use the picture.