Sunday, October 15, 2006

PAC calls for meeting over Nudd cull call

PAC chairman Colin Goodge tonight called for Bob Nudd to meet with pike anglers to discuss calls he made for a predator cull in a Sunday newspaper.

Writing in the News of the World, former World Champion Nudd said: "There are too many pike in our rivers and they need culling.

"On my last visit to the Warwickshire Avon, the moment I started catching a few roach every other one was snatched as I brought it to the landing net."

His comments have provoked outrage among predator anglers, particularly in the West Midlands, where pikers have fought long and hard against the sling 'em up the bank attitude.

"We don't make comments about match anglers cramming 60lbs of fish in keepnets," said Colin Goodge.

"While some of us are trying to unite angling, what's he trying to do. What scientific evidence has he got..?

"We want to sit down with Bob and talk about this. We think it's selfish and divisive for someone in his position to make comments like this."

Writing in his News of the World column, Nudd went on: "At a time when sport on so many of our rivers is starting to return big time, the last thing we need is shoals of pike depleting the stocks.

"Some will disagree but it makes sense to thin them out."

Evidence from culls conducted over the years shows all they achieve is a population explosion in smaller predators.
This upsets the natural balance - and causes more harm to fisheries in the longer-term.

The PAC campaigns for the pike to be recognised as playing a vital part in any balanced, sustainable fishery.

Club officials were tonight trying to contact Bob Nudd.