Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fury over Nudd's call for pike cull

The PAC is horrified to read Bob Nudd's comments, in today's News of the World, calling for a pike cull.

We have fought against ignorance, prejudice and the let's thin 'em out a bit lobby for 30 years.

It can only harm the cause of conservation when a top match angler who sets himself up as a role model for the sport makes such unfounded remarks.

"There are too many pike in our rivers and they need culling," Nudd says. "At a time when sport on so many of our rivers is starting to return big time, the last thing we need is shoals of pike depleting the stocks.

"Some will disagree, but it makes sense to thin them out."

Healthy populations of silver fish and pike exist alongside each other in rivers like the Avon, Soar and Nene. It's called the balance of nature.

We'll be issuing a fuller response later today.