Thursday, March 22, 2007

Deadline nears for PAC30 book

The PAC is working on a book which will be published to commemorate its 30th anniversary, which will be made available at the Convention at Stoneleigh in September.

Given the provisional working title of PAC30, it will contain a selection of articles, essays and stories from some of the most influential pike anglers of today and yesteryear.

We have set aside two chapters for contributions from PAC members, who are being invited to send us potential sections for inclusion.

There is an open brief for this, your contribution could look back over your pike fishing career, a memorable season, or give your take on a particular technique or aspect of pike fishing.

All entries will be judged by the committee and those which do not make it into the book will be considered for Pikelines.

The closing date for this is Saturday, March 31. Contributions should be sent to Mark Barrett at - please note, not .com...

We'll also be announcing a way that members can reserve their copy of what is going to be the pike fishing book everyone's going to be talking about this year.

***Contributors who have been commissioned to write pieces for the book should also have these with us by March 31.