Thursday, March 22, 2007

PAC takes Mail to task over Andy Little

The Pike Anglers Club has today complained to Angler's Mail over an article on predator fishing by Andy Little, in which he talks about fishing a water containing pike to 25lbs-plus with 1.5tc rods and 6lbs line.

In a letter to the weekly's editor, PAC secretary Mark Barrett writes: "As a club that has fought for thirty years for the protection of pike and pike fishing we were somewhat shocked to see Andy Little going into great detail of how he was fishing at Old Bury Hill lakes for zander, using sea dead baits using a 1.5 test curve rod and 6lbs line.

"The PAC is appalled that a well respected and influental angling writer such as Andy would advocate using such inadequate tackle on a water where there is a very good chance of hooking into a large pike, let alone a big zander.

"There is no reason that the PAC can see for advocating the use of such inadequate tackle, as the potential for breakage on a large pike or zander would be very high indeed, with potentially fatal consequences for either species.

"The PAC would urge all anglers contemplating targeting zander to use tackle suitable for the safe landing of both pike and zander, that is 2lbs + test curve rods and a minimum of twelve pounds (but preferrably 15lbs) mono."

More information about suitable tackle for pike fishing can be found on the PAC website -