Saturday, March 17, 2007

Membership surging to record levels

Membership of the Pike Anglers Club is still on the increase and about to pass a significant milestone.

Last September, the club had 2129 members at the end of its then membership year.

Membership traditionally ran from October 1, but we have seen a considerable upsurge since the current committee announced subscriptions would be frozen throughout its three-year term and brought in rolling membership, lasting a year from the date someone joins.

This week, we had 2122 members, with numbers recruited at the Go Fishing show at the Birmingham NEC, we have now beaten the September 2006 total.

This can only bode well for the club. And don't forget anyone recruiting a new member between now and the convention can enter the draw to win a brand new Sea Nymph, in a joint promotion with long-term supporter
CP Boats.

See our website for more details of this exciting promotion. Please note terms and conditions apply. Click here.