Sunday, April 15, 2007

PAC contacts Argos over selling lures

The PAC has written to high street retailer Argos after members flagged up concerns over lures included in its catalogue.

"Pike fishing is a highly-specialised branch of angling, which carries with it the potential of causing harm both to fish and angler if not carried out correctly," our letter says.

"Our fear is that in selling such items to all-comers without any advice on either fish handling or health and safety, you stand the risk of either damaging pike stocks or even injuring your customers."

The club is willing to work with any retailer in the interests of pike conservation.

"We have worked to preserve the pike and pike fishing for the last 30 years," our letter goes on.

"We are widely-acknowleged as both a leading conservation body and an organisation which promotes health and safety and best practice."