Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fill your freezer with deads on us

Want a freezer full of deadbaits to kick off your season..? Check out the exclusive competition in Pikelines.

Our friends at Baitbox are putting up £200 of their freshest, vacuum-packed baits as first prize in an easy-peasy competition in the latest issue of the PAC's member's magazine.

Second prize is £100-worth of bait, third wins £75-worth and there are one or two other prizes on offer - including an £150 freezer-full for the best fish caught on a Baitbox dead next season.

Baitbox were the first major supplier to back the PAC's Pikemark, which assures predator anglers that their baits come from legal and sustainable sources.

We're working with other companies to make it a standard within the industry. The logo came about after the PAC investigated claims that fish were being illegally-netted for the deadbait trade.

We found they weren't true. And what's more pike anglers are among of the most conservation-aware branch of fishing.

Well done to Baitbox, for flying their colours from the mast. Answer a couple of questions in Pikelines, and you could win a freezer-full.