Monday, May 28, 2007

Menteith date confirmed for November

Management at the Lake of Menteith have confirmed the PAC's first access date for the coming season today.

It will be on Saturday, November 10, when lures and baits will be permitted on the water.

Demand is sure to be sky high, after the water produced its best-ever pike during a PAC event earlier this year.

Lyn Baker, from Newcastle boated a 39lbs 8oz pike - the biggest ever caught by a woman and the biggest ever landed during a club event - in March.

Special events organiser Mark Skinner said application slips for both Mentieth and the other up and coming events would appear in the August edition of Pikelines. A draw for places will be held at the Convention at Stoneleigh, Warks, in September.

Mark said he was waiting for confirmation of an event on another Scottish water the day after the Menteith. He is also in talks with management over a lure fishing event to be held on Menteith in March.