Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Have we found another Blithfield, asks Eric

Could an untapped welsh trout water be the next Chew or Blithfield..? That's the question Eric Edwards asks in the latest Pikelines, which is dropping onto PAC members' doormats any time now.

Members have been prospecting a trout water called Llyn Brenig, in which pike began appearing less than a decade ago.

They are believed to have defeated a trap set to prevent eggs and fry from entering the lake from a nearby river which holds coarse fish.

Only a handful of anglers have so far fished its 900 acres, including Eric, who describes how the pike are growing rapidly, with fish to 26lbs appearing in 2006.

"I simply can't overstate the how excited I am about the prospects for piking at Brenig," he said.

"In my view, they sky's the limit for these pike as long as it doesn't get too heavily-fished.

"Within five years we will be seeing pike to rival anything Chew or Blithfield can produce. You heard it here first."

Better still is the news that the PAC has now got 15 boats booked for the first two days on the lake, on October 29 and 30.

"It's brilliant news that PAC has managed to secure a number of boats at Brenig," said Eric. "Hopefully we will be able to maintain a presence there for many years to come."

The news comes just days after the PAC revealed it has secured four days on a Scottish loch which has produced pike to 42lbs in recent seasons and its first-ever event in Northern Ireland.

For more details of how to apply or this and other PAC Special Events, see Pikelines.