Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Be Inspired, says Autumn Pikelines

Be inspired, it says on the cover. And if Ewout Blom's story of the capture of a massive dutch pike doesn't inspire you nothing will.

We tracked down Ewout for the real story behind a capture which became the subject of internet hoaxes.

"This is the pike of a lifetime I said, after releasing a shout of happiness over the water. When Michel positioned the boat back on the drop off, we both sat in the boat still fishing but not believing what had just happened."

Closer to home Darron Nixon asks how aggressive pike really are, after encountering some feisty critters on his travels.

Wayne Gorringe from the British Pike Squad charts some of this bizarre band's adventures in Ireland, while Graham Barstow has some down to earth advice on boat fishing.

"I hired a boat and engine with a couple of friends on a large Scottish loch, the prop hit a rock and the sheer-pin broke," he says.

"We were miles from anywhere so we unhitched the engine and carried it for miles over bog and field to the van. We drove back to the boat rental office where the proprietor removed the engine cover to reveal spare sheer-pins."

Alastair Smith, Steve Rogowski and Steve Rodwell have in-depth pieces on the Lake of Menteith, writing a pike fishing book and what makes a Fen piker tick.

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