Monday, July 30, 2007

Save our lodes campaigners to meet trust

Campaigners fighting to save Cambridgeshire's ancient lodes are set to meet the National Trust to 'talk through the issues'.

The trust wants to buy up thousands of acres of farmland to create a new wetland north of Cambridge.

But a scoping document from the Environment Agency says water levels in a number of lodes may need to be lowered.

This would transform the lodes into little more than ditches, destroying the unique character of historically-important fisheries.

Almost 600 people have now signed a petition to save them. They include pike anglers, walkers, boaters, councillors and an MP.

Campaigner Geoofrey Woolard said today: "It is also clear that the E-Petition is being noticed by others, as I have received an invitation to meet representatives of The National Trust on August 7 to talk through the issues.

"I have accepted the invitation and shall attend at Wicken at 5 p.m. on that day."

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