Saturday, September 13, 2008

PAC AGM to be held at Stoneleigh

Following a number of years when attendance has dwindled, this year's PAC AGM will be held before the Convention at Stoneleigh, on Saturday , September 27.

President Phil wakeford said: "The AGM will run from 09.00 to 09.45 as we will need to "get on with the show". There will be BRIEF updates of what is going on in the club, our financial position etc.

"As we hold ourselves answerable to the members we are asking for any Questions that members and/or officers of the club may want to put forward. If any member (attending or not) has a question to put to the committee it would help a lot to know in advance so that we can prepare for it before the day and give a thorough reply.

"Lastly let's try and make the PAC Convention 2008 even more successful than our 30th Bash last year. Bring a friend or hijack people if you like it is going to be a great day out."