Saturday, February 03, 2007

Membership nudging record high

Around 30 people now joining the Pike Anglers Club every week. Isn't it time you joined them..?

And if you needed another excuse, how would a brand-new boat help next winter's campaign..?

If you're a PAC member, all you have to do is recuit a member using one of our new leaflets. And make sure you put your details in the space for who referred them.

Every time someone joins using a form with your details on, you get entered in the draw to win a Sea Nymph.

They're popular with pike anglers all over for one or two good reasons - they're built like tanks but they're stable and dead easy for even a beginner to handle.

They cost just over a grand to buy new. But we're giving one away for free, in our 2007 membership promotion, which will be drawn in September at the PAC Convention.

To make it even easier, you can download and print off forms online if you just click here.

For more details on how to win the boat, click here.