Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New website launched by FACT

A new website was launched today by FACT - the Fisheries and Angling Conservation Trust.

It features the work of the trust and its member groups, useful contacts including MPs and other useful bodies both within and outside angling, and gives anglers the opportunity to communicate directkly with the FACT board.

FACT was formed two years ago to represent the interests of all anglers. At present, it is supported by subscription from its member organisations.

But as the organisation develops into the planned single body to represent all of angling the board hopes to establish closer contact with anglers, who will, in time, be able to become individual members of FACT.

The trust sees its website as a step towards this, as it gives all anglers an opportunity to participate directly in the workings and future development of FACT.

Jim Glasspool, chairman of FACT, said: “We hope that anglers will take the opportunity the new website presents to tell us of their concerns and to express support or otherwise of the campaigns which FACT is involved in.

"We aim for FACT to be truly representative in time and this website is one of the first steps to that future.”

For more information, click here.