Saturday, February 17, 2007

National anglers' union launched

A National Union of British Anglers has been launched in a bid to unite the broad church which covers coarse, sea and game angling in all its forms across the UK.

Founder Alan Suttie said: "Angling's fatal weakness lies in factionalism, complacency and a traditional expectation that others will fight our battles for us.

"The time has now come for individual sea, coarse and game anglers to act in concert as one body that properly reflects our potential to influence the vote getting propensity of relevant legislators.

"We must demand to be automatically involved and represented within all future consultative procedure directly affecting any form of angling.

"At present, we are so easily sidelined and perceived as a mere irritant. Without provable strength of numbers politicians will continue to ignore us with relative impunity.

"Our sheer numbers as a united body could and should be our greatest strength."

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