Saturday, February 10, 2007

PAC TV launched

Look out Rupert Murdoch... The PAC is trialling pike fishing video clips on its members forums to test one or two things out before we launch them on the unsuspecting public.

Webmaster Dave Lumb said: "Back in 1993 the PAC produced a pike fishing video called Piking in the '90s. At the time there wasn't the plethora of videos and TV programmes that there is today and it proved very popular.

"While certain attitudes, practices and tackle have changed since the making of the video we have decided to share clips with members of the PAC via the forum.

"There is stuff that will be of help to new pikers, and older members will no doubt find some nostalgic interest too."

This is a work in progress, we're still ironing out the bugs and trying to up the image quality.

If you're a member, log in for some pike fishing nostalgia.