Monday, August 27, 2007

PAC takes lodes campaign to Fenland Fair

PAC members have been flying the flag for the Don't Ditch Our Lodes campaign at the Fenland Country Fair at Stow Cum Quy on Sunday and Monday.

They were using an enormous and specially blown-up version of the 'Don't Ditch Our Lodes!' campaign picture and were handing out 'Don't Ditch Our Lodes!' badges and car stickers, kindly provided by local councillor Allen Alderson.

They were also handing out leaflets explaining the the 'Don't Ditch Our Lodes!' on-line E-Petition, which now has many hundreds of signatures, including 20 members of East Cambridgeshire District Council, 7 Cambridgeshire County Councillors, the Leader of South Cambridgeshire District Council, many Parish Councillors, the Chairman and several members of the Swaffham Internal Drainage Board, and Member of Parliament, Mr James Paice.

Denis Moules, PAC liaison officer for the Anglian Region, said: "We successfully fought this issue 30 years ago. The Cambridgeshire Lodes hold specimen fish of all species and are ideal waters on which to teach youngsters.

"These small waters have special memories for many of us and must not be destroyed. I urge all anglers to support this cause by signing the 'Don't Ditch Our Lodes!' on-line E-Petition to No.10 Downing Street."

Campaigner Geoffrey Woollard said: "The Pike Anglers are among our finest supporters and are working extremely hard: we mustn't let them down."

Thousands of people attended the two-day Fenland Country Fair in its 28th year.

The online petition can be found here.