Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stay safe when you go afloat

The deaths of two men whose boat overturned in Ireland at the weekend (BBC story here) serves as a tragic reminder that you can never be too careful when going afloat - no matter how experienced you might be.

The bodies of Declan Swift, 47, and Martin Steele, 48, were recovered from Lough Erne on Sunday.

Both had been missing since their 16ft boat overturned on the lough, near Enniskillen, the previous day.

Witnesses said the vessel capsized during a sharp turn and it appeared its 30hp engine was not properly secured.

Neither man was wearing a life jacket when their bodies were located by divers.

There is a boat safety advice page available on the PAC site, along with other tips for boat owners, that should help your boat fishing experiences run smoothly and, most importantly, safely.