Sunday, August 05, 2007

Save Our Lodes petition tops 700

An online petition to save Cambridgeshire's historic lodes chalked up its 700th signature today.

Leaked EA documents contain plans to lower water levels as part of proposals to create a new wetland.

But pike anglers, walkers, boaters and conservationists are opposing the scheme.

Retired county councillor Geoffrey Woolard, who fought a succesful campaign against similar plans 30 years ago, is set to meet the National Trust, which is behind the latest move to change the face of thse ancient waterways.

Today he said: "The signature list for the 'Don't Ditch Our Lodes!' on-line E-Petition has made another major milestone with a total of over 700.

"This is further strong evidence of widespread support for maintaining The Cambridgeshire Lodes as they are.

"If you know of others who might like to sign the on-line E-Petition, please copy or forward this message to them."

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