Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Broads pikers warned after vandals strike

Anglers fishing the River Thurne around Martham in Norfolk are being warned after wheel nuts were loosened on a trailer with potentially deadly consequences.

A wheel came off the trailer after it had been left at Cess Road, Martham, for the day.

Luckily in bounced into someone's garden off the Martham - Acle road. Had it come adrift on the A47, it's no exaggeration to say someone could have been killed.

"Imagine if that had come off at 60mph and gone through someone's windscreen," a PAC spokesman said.

"Or a boat and trailer had broken loose in front of a lorry or a bus-load of school children."

The incident is not the first to have happened in the area. Anglers cars had nails pushed into their tyres last week. A camper van has also been damaged in a separate attack.

Tonight the PAC advised all members to secure vehicles and trailers, and leave them at attended boatyards and slipways until the culprit or culprits are caught.

"We are working with pike anglers in Norfolk tonight to ensure that they are - before someone is seriously injured or worse," a spokesman said.