Sunday, December 24, 2006

Forums sign up nearly 400

The PAC forums now have a membership nudging 400, while more than 250 people suubscribe to this blog and hundreds more around the world read it.

If you're a member and you haven't already checked out the forums, why not register and have a look about.

It's a members-only forum and as you'd expect from the PAC, the atmosphere's very friendly and helpful.

To sign up for the forum, click here - make sure you have your membership number handy and read the instructions down the left hand side of the page first.

Please also note you need to use your full name to register. We don't accept nicknames.

The blog has broken some of the big stories about pike fishing since it was set up by our webmaster Dave Lumb earlier this year. It's free to subscribe, you don't have to be a PAC member and you'll get an e-mail newsletter most days.

Many PAC regions have also set up blogs to keep people informed of meetings and other events. There's a list down the side of the PAC blog, why not see if there's a region near you online..?