Friday, December 01, 2006

Rolling membership now in force

For decades, the PAC has had a membership year which ran from October to October.

Rolling membership, which was one of the initiatives put in place by the current committee has now kicked in.

That means if you're joining the club for the first time, your membership runs for a year from the date you join - not until next October.

Membership secretary John Cahill said: "Given the volume of new applications received during September to November they have an expiry in line with the clubs traditional date of 30 September.

With effect from December new members get 12 months from the date they join - commencing the first of the month in which they join- and will recieve four issues of Pikelines.

Renewals will still run October 1, 2006; to September 30, 2007. A member will still get four issues of Pikelines within that period.

Don't forget every member can enter the draw to win a purpose-built pike fishing boat every time the introduce someone to the PAC.

For more details on this exciting promotion click here.