Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A one foot fly among the lily pads - fly fishing tales

You can see why fly fishing for predators is gaining such a following, if some of the features on are anything to go by.

The PAC has taken on the site, and webmaster Dave Lumb has revealed the club hopes to develop it.

Ad Swier tells of a one foot fly among the lily pads on

"Slowly my feet paddle away beside the rushes and lily pads. Some are in blossom, others are deep below the surface. Bright greens and deep shadows. Every now and then a wood of pondweed appears. The better spots for pike.

"The edges of the deep standing lilies. There where the shivering darkness starts, is another hot spot, the truly unknown domain of everybody's dream fish. The huge pike, with moss on the head."

John Mees looks closer to home, with his tales of Grafham zander.