Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year's message from the PAC

Most of the country is suffering from the current cold snap seeing many waters with a lid on them, writes PAC president Phil Wakeford in a New Year's message to pike anglers.

"This means that for many of us any sport to be had is limited to fishing running water. If you are anything like me you feel the pull of the water to get you out for a few hours and wet a line.

"I did that yesterday and even though I was only rewarded with a small pike the effort was extreemly worthwhile in clearing the head and working up even more appetite for the New Years Eve celebrations.

"How many times has it been said that "there is so much more to fishing than catching fish" (I don't expect an answer) but for the vast majority of us it is so true.

"Seeing the waters in their Winter glory, the water fowl and other wildlife, trying your luck and perhaps being rewarded with a decent fish are all enough to get some of us out of the house.

"As far as the PAC is concerned we are alive and kicking. Our membership numbers are healthy and we are financuially sound. We could always do with more on both counts and are always searching for ways to achieve this.

"We can look back at successes during 2008 and indeed never let a serious threat to our species and the sport it can provide go unchallenged. For 2009 there are a number of isues building up that will require our collective attention.

"How will we ensure that pikers get a voice in the potentially mega Angling Unity group? How can we influence the outcome of the revision of The Angling Bill to our benefit, to name a couple of matters that will need our attention.

"Such is our lot and we will not shy away from it, what is more we are able to demonstrate serious strength in depth in the club as will be revealed when we announce the names of the incoming committee around May.

"So my message to the membership is a simple one. Stick with us and support the club. Try to encourage new members especially young ones or others who's membership has lapsed the battle will never be over. And above all, enjoy your pike fishing."