Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spanish catfish are getting bigger

VIVA ESPANA: Catfish Capers customers with a giant cat

Catfish Capers boss Martin Walker has sent us this update on how things have been going down in Sunny Spain.

Don't forget - a trip with Martin's outfit is top prize in this year's PAC Winter Raffle.

While not as many cats were caught in 2008 as there were in 2007, they're getting bigger, writes Martin.

We had three over 180lbs and 4 others over 170. One lucky chap, Percy Anscombe, landed cats of 184, 179 and a 160 a terrific result for the top lake. The carp are also packing on weight 2008 saw us landing over sixty 40lbers topped by Chris Smith's 51lber. I can see a greater number of carp anglers coming out this year.

Catfish Capers bookings are up on last year which must mean we're doing something right, but on the down side the pound has taken a real hammering. When our prices were set at the beginning of 2008 the £ was worth 1.30 Euro.

To raise our prices now would be suicide so I've looked closely at other ways to make saving/sales. Historically August (because of the heat and family beach holidays) and December/ January (too cold??) have been very slow to book but if you take a look at our catch returns the fishing is slower but still a lot better than staying at home in the UK.

Rather than having apartments empty it makes more sense to have them filled - they are already paid for (rented annually). Another reason for the deal I am about to offer is that I now own a Bar "The Jolly Fisherman" (yeah yeah I can hear it now what's a grumpy old git like me doing naming something Jolly ha ha ha).

When I have no clients out the bar is empty and no locals come in (not good) but when the bar looks busy with my clients in it the locals come in as well so hopefully you will eat and drink in the bar and we'll all be Jolly Fishermen!.

So to fill up these quieter months (January, August and December) I have the following offer

£150 for a week part-guided

So what do you get for this:

Free pick up from and drop off to Zaragoza airport;

Shared room in apartment;

Breakfast in the bar (full English);

Packed lunch;

All tackle (please bring your own reels and terminal bits if you wish to fish for carp);

Fishing licence;

Use of boat;

Guides will get you to the river and get you going, and return later to take you home at end of session.

I have already had a good response to this offer (it's been on the web site a week) so don't take too long making your mind up.

As for the rest of the year several months are now nearly full.

For more info click here to go to their website, or tel: 01494 488382 or mob: 07973 230957.