Sunday, January 25, 2009

North-west pike anglers overturn livebait ban

Northwich Anglers Association's AGM saw proposals to lift a long-standing livebait ban on its waters voted through.

Graham Shillito, who proposed the change, also argued successfully for a restriction on using coarse fish deadbaits to be lifted.

Predator anglers had been limited to using sea deadbaits and lures only, but will now be able to use up to six small fish in a session for livebait, providing that these fish are caught and used at the venue on the same day.

Membership of Northwich Anglers Association is open to all, and offers prime coarse fishing for members only on the River Weaver, River Dane and a number of prestigious stillwaters in the Mid-Cheshire area.

The campaign to allow livebaiting and coarse deadbaits was supported by Northwich AA committee member and former PAC secretary Mark Leathwood.

“This just shows what can be achieved when anglers work together," Mark said.

"We did a great deal of work in putting forward a positive case which drew the support and goodwill of carp anglers and matchmen as well as predator anglers within our association.

"Attitudes towards livebaiting are changing and an increasing number of people are coming to understand that the method is of key importance to the modern specialist angler”.

Elsewhere, club officials in Norfolk have today told the PAC that reports new by-laws had effectively meant livebaiting was now banned on King's Lynn AA waters in the Fens were not true. The PAC is seeking official confimation of this in order to respond to the incorrect reports.