Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prebaiting that big swim in the sky

Believe it or not, there are people who request their ashes to be spread on their favourite river when they're ready to sling their hook in that great swim in the sky.

Some pike anglers might even consider the Upper Thurne, Llangdegfedd or even Lomond for their final resting place.

Demand has now increased to the extent where a leaflet has been published on how to carry out the practice without upsetting other river users.

Avoiding areas other anglers have been prebaiting is probably a good idea.

The Inland Waterways Association says on the subject:

"The Environment Agency advises that there is no evidence to suggest that the disposal of human ashes in rivers and streams has a negative impact on the environment.
However, other aspects of these practices, such as casting tributes and other objects into the water could harm the environment or upset other river users.

Individual ceremonies are unlikely to pollute the water but you should comply with Environment Agency guidelines.

A free Environment Agency leaflet offers guidance on completing the practice without causing harm. The leaflet is available by telephoning the Agency's customer contact centre on 08708 506506."